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What is the Atlanta Developers' Conference?

This conference is focused on all kinds of developers. This is a chance to see some of your favorite speakers on all sorts of topics, including:

  • Modern Application Development:
    • Building Resilient Web Applications with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
    • Next-Gen Mobile App Development: Flutter & React Native
    • Unleashing the Power of Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda & Google Cloud Functions
  • JavaScript & TypeScript-Based Technologies:
    • Unleashing JavaScript's Potential: Advanced Concepts & ESNext Features
    • Reactive Programming with React / React Native
    • Building Dynamic Applications with Angular & TypeScript
    • Future of JavaScript-Based Development: Vue.js, Svelte, Deno, and More
  • Enterprise Development:
    • Architecting Scalable Enterprise Applications with .NET & Java
    • Modernizing Legacy Systems: Strategies for Migration and Refactoring
    • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Microservices and RESTful APIs
    • Ensuring Enterprise Security: Strategies with OAuth2 & OpenID Connect
  • Data Languages: Python, SQL, R:
    • Utilizing Python for Data Manipulation and Analysis
    • SQL: Beyond the Basics
    • Applying R for Statistical Computing
    • Exploring Other Data Languages and Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies & Languages:
    • Unleashing the Potential of IoT
    • A Journey into Augmented / Mixed / Virtual Reality
    • Smart Cities: Future Tech for Urban Life
    • Exploring Rust: A Language for the Future
    • Kotlin: A Better Java?
    • Exploring Functional Programming: Haskell, Scala, and More
    • Swift: More than iOS Development
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):
    • Effective Project Management with GitHub
    • Leading Agile Teams: Challenges and Strategies
    • Mastering Jira for Streamlined Project Management
    • Integrating Security into the Development Lifecycle
  • Modern Workplace & Business Tools:
    • Collaborative Tools: Teams vs Slack
    • Exploring the Power Platform for Low-Code / No-Code Development
    • Maximizing Productivity with Modern Tools
    • Thriving in the Remote Work Era
  • Entrepreneurship in Tech:
    • Navigating the Startup Landscape: A Primer
    • Building a Successful Tech Consultancy
    • Financing Your Tech Venture: A Guide
    • From Idea to Market: Launching a Tech Startup
    • Scaling Tech Businesses: Strategies and Pitfalls
  • Gaming Technologies:
    • Building Immersive Games with Unity & Unreal Engine
    • Mobile Game Development: From Concept to Monetization
    • The Future of Gaming: VR, AR & Cloud Gaming
    • Game Design: Creating Engaging Experiences
    • Esports: A Look into Competitive Gaming
  • Professional Development & Soft Skills:
    • Mapping Your Career Path in Tech
    • Building High-Performance Teams: A Leadership Guide
    • Acing Tech Interviews: Strategies and Tips
    • Public Speaking for Tech Professionals
    • Striking Work-Life Balance in a Tech Career

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Kennesaw State University - College of Computing and Software Engineering

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